Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is your carpet cleaning a dry clean or a steam clean ?

A. We use the steam clean method (correctly known as hot-water extraction). We use this method for a few reasons, firstly a dry clean is not a proper clean, it is what we call a ‘maintenance clean’ and only the surface of the fiber can be cleaned in this way. A steam clean or hot-water extraction cleans and removes all dirt and soils from the surface all the way to the base of the fibre (removes the dirt that you can’t see, not just the surface dirt). A steam clean is the method required by property managers when vacating a rental property.

Q. How soon after carpet cleaning can I walk on the carpet ?

A. You can walk on the carpets straight away, they will be slightly damp for a few hours so you must take care not to slip when you walk on a smooth surface such as a tiled floor afterwards. Make sure your shoes are clean though so as not to re-soil the carpets. If we have carried out a flea treatment you must not walk barefoot on the carpets for 24 hours.

Q. How long do the carpets take to dry ?

A. The carpets will be slightly damp (not wet) for 2-3 hours after the clean. We leave them as dry as possible, weather conditions such as high humidity can slow the drying process. We encourage you to leave windows open and ceiling fans on to speed up the drying process.

Q. I need an invoice for the real estate, do you provide that ?

A. Absolutely, we will provide you with our printed company invoice and if you have had pest control carried out you will also receive a pest control advice form with a written warranty for the real estate.

Q. Do you guarantee your work ?

A. Yes, all our work is 100% guaranteed. If by any chance there are any problems with work we have carried out, simply give us a call and we will do our best to rectify the problem.

Q. Are your staff qualified and licenced ?

A. Yes, our experienced technicians are IICRC registered (Institute of Inspections Cleaning & Restoration Certified). To be IICRC registered, our technicians need to hold qualifications in professional carpet cleaning and participate in ongoing training and education to remain registered. An IICRC registered technician will apply their experience and training to clean your carpets to the highest of standards. Our technicians also hold a QLD Pest Management licence and are licenced to treat all general pests (excluding termites) as well as having public liability insurance cover to $20,000,000

Q. What is a bond clean ?

A. A bond clean is a highly detailed clean that needs to be carried out when vacating a rental property. As opposed to a general clean, a bond clean includes such things as removing dead bugs from light fittings, removing marks from walls, cleaning window tracks, ceiling fans, switches and light fittings, aircon filters, oven and racks, glass and mirrors, tiles and grout and much much more..