Never Use Household Bleach On Carpet

I have seen it many times where people have used household bleach on their carpets. Bleach is great for cleaning your bathrooms but, it is not good for cleaning stains on carpets. Once bleach gets on carpet it causes irreversible damage by stripping the dye right out of the carpet fibre leaving it unsightly and beyond repair.

Some people have tried to use household bleach to remove food or pet stains.  Bleach stains have also been accidental as a result of the chemical being walked through the house after cleaning a bathroom or kitchen floor. Other common causes of bleach stains on carpet include spilt hair dyes or some medications.

Bleach stains cannot be removed by carpet cleaning. The only remedy for bleach stains on carpet is to have a carpet dyeing company re-dye the affected areas or to replace the carpet.

Never Use Bleach On Carpet

If you have pet or food stains on your carpet, call a professional carpet cleaner. Don’t reach for the the bleach, leave that for cleaning the bathroom.

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